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Geo-Distributed SQL Databases: 9 Techniques to Reduce Cross-Region Latency
Distributed SQL databases pioneered by Google Spanner and its open source derivatives such as YugabyteDB have emerged as alternatives to traditional monolithic RDBMS like Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. This is because these new databases can power modern cloud native applications with massive scalability and native failover/repair (with no data loss) and that too on containerized infrastructure managed by cloud-neutral technologies like Kubernetes. Additionally they provide geo-redundant deployment options such as multi-zone, multi-region, and multi-cloud that were previously considered as impossible for relational databases.

However, the number one concern developers cite with database clusters that stretch across three or more regions is the high cross-region latency incurred during database queries.

This webinar, presented by Sid Choudhury, SVP of Product at Yugabyte, will highlight nine techniques that cloud native applications can leverage in geo-distributed SQL databases to reduce inter-node communication. These techniques range from simple design paradigms that are fully transparent to applications (such as linearizable reads without quorum and follower reads with timeline consistency) to more sophisticated approaches that require application-aware data management (such as colocated/interleaved tables and cross-cluster asynchronous replication).

Aug 12, 2020 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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